Why do my Bluetooth headphones sound muffled | 5 Tips

A pair of good-quality headphones with quality sounds can give you the perfect escape. Whether for gaming, listening to music, or talking on the phone, having a crisp and clear voice through your speakers is crucial!

But so often, we see that they’re silenced, which gets annoying fast – luckily, there are a few ways around this problem, though, like getting new earphones or just using them at home where no one will hear us scream into our microphone.

Do you know how frustrating it is to have a call go bad because one person can’t hear clearly? Well, imagine this: You are in a meaningful conversation with your boss at work. 

While on the phone together, they start talking too softly, and then I miss out on all of their words because there’s background noise from outside or something else going on around us that muffles sound-making communication impossible!

What causes your headphones to sound weird

Headphones often muffle sound, which can be a problem for people who want to listen without bothering others around them. 

Fortunately, there are ways of fixing this issue! We’ll explore the different causes and possible solutions below, so you’re always ready when it happens again (or not).

What causes your headphones to sound weird?

You might be wondering why your headphones don’t sound as good. It could be a variety of reasons, and it doesn’t take much to fix the problem. 

For example, if you’ve got expensive high-quality cans, there’s no need to buy new ones when they can get nailed by an expert with experience like mine.

Let’s explore the reasons why your headphones might sound muffled.

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Problems with connectivity

Don’t jump to conclusions when your headphones sound muffled. It could just be connectivity issues. 

But, it’s essential to know that the type of headphones you have can affect this problem too and make matters worse in some cases, even for those with average or expensive models who would expect better quality from such devices.

It’s not uncommon for Bluetooth headphones to have a weak connection, especially if you’re out in populated areas of town. 

This is because the signal depends on what’s going around and how your devices react something can always come up.

Even lower battery percentages may result in muffled sounds from these headsets, too, so several precautions need to be taken before buying one:

  • Look at reviews online.
  • Make sure they support Mono compatibility as well noise cancellation (most do).
  • Please don’t pick up any old ones without testing them first).

One of the most common causes for headphones not working is if they are disconnected. 

If you think this might be your problem, then make sure that both ends go into their corresponding ports on either side with nothing blocking them to test out any issues like bad connections or broken wires before proceeding further!

Water or moisture issues

It’s a good idea to know the risks of getting your headphones wet. 

For example, if they are near any liquid, like water or soap, there is an excellent chance that it will seep inside and cause damage without question!

It might not seem like much at first, but you can’t take this risk so make sure none gets into anything with speakers in them by keeping away from all sources, including sinks (of course).

You may be thinking, “I have water-resistant headphones.” Well, that’s great. That means the problem isn’t with your hearing. There are many different IP ratings for headphones. 

They provide varying levels of protection depending on what you need them to do, whether it needs to stop dust from getting in or maintain sound quality when immersed underwater unexposed long enough so someone can hear something clearly without distortion.

A headphone is an essential piece of equipment for many people.

They allow you to listen and share your favorite music with friends or have some peace on a busy day, but the headphones are not meant to protect you from water damage if they aren’t waterproof-proofed properly.

The type that best suits one’s needs will depend mainly on how much moisture their environment provides – whether it often rains, there may need something more protective than someone living near oceanside would require. 

Likewise, those who work inside all day long might want something lighter because of these devices.

Faulty wires

If you see torn and hanging-out wires or have a pin pulled so hard on one side it caused damage to other parts of the wire, then this may be your problem. 

The reason for these damages is that when we continuously keep pulling our wires while removing them from their socket, they can become faulty.

This happens less often than it sounds; however, there are cases where people pull too much, which causes physical trauma leading to tearing apart internally rather than just mild cosmetic scars like scrapes against metal surfaces which makes detection easier.

Whatever the case may be, earwires can sometimes get muffled because they transmit sound from one point to another.

Problems with your device’s software

Ensure that you’re using the correct type of headphones for your device. Then, to double-check, plug them into another machine and make sure they sound as good there too!

One of the first things you should do when your headphones stop working is to make sure they are correctly connected. 

You might also try pairing them with a machine or two on either Windows, macOS (Mac users), Android, etc., depending on what kind of mobile devices you have! Read this article: WHY ARE MY HEADPHONES NOT WORKING ON MY LAPTOP? (SOLUTION)

The easiest way to fix this is by checking your audio drivers. If they’re not up-to-date or if there’s a problem with any of them, you might be able to get rid of the issue entirely!

Damaged speakers

It’s essential to take care of your hearing. That means using headphones wisely and avoiding long stretches without removing the ear cups from time to time so that you don’t damage any speakers inside!

This mainly happens because when we use our devices constantly for hours at a go (or days!), then eventually there will come some point where these audio gadgets cannot handle any more power given how much current flows through those tiny wires.

Your speakers are going to get weaker with time. Eventually, they’ll blow out-and. You can tell when this happens because of how long it takes for the sound quality on your old system or headphones to degrade after just one day.

The output tone of voice should be informational because muffled sounds are an issue.

 Luckily most problems can be fixed with some knowledge and instruction on the subject- which is why we will go into solutions for this problem as well!

How to fix muffled sound on headphones

There are some issues we discussed that can’t be fixed before we get right into it. But, unfortunately, it is a fact that cannot be changed. 

Thus, you must purchase a new pair of headphones in these situations. Let’s now take a look at some solutions:

Fixing connectivity issues

If you’re experiencing any connectivity issues with your wired headphones, check and make sure that the port is clean. 

If dirt or grime is obstructing it somehow, use an alcohol wipe to remove them before cleaning again.

For best results, keep this step for at least one hour after applying so as not to damage anything else permanently!

Bluetooth connectivity issues often occur because of a weak signal. To fix this problem, try charging your Bluetooth headset first and if that doesn’t solve the issue, then change locations or surroundings to see if it helps with anything else.

Still, you may need new headphones altogether in some cases as they can’t be fixed through software updates, so make sure these are bought from an authorized retailer!

Fixing water damage

If you’ve had issues with your headphones getting wet and the leather is peeling away, there are a few things that can be done. 

The first one would involve using an alcohol wipe on both sides so they’re spotless before putting it in its dry spot or box for storage purposes if necessary.

Soak your headphones in rice for 12 hours, and you’ll be able to enjoy an extended listening session without the worry of getting waterlogged. 

This is the perfect solution if it’s been a while since you’ve taken care of them!

Rice can be a helpful alternative when caring about electronic items like speakers or earphones that could get wet through regular use.

Repairing faulty wires

The only way to fix a broken wire is by using moldable glue. You can see where there’s damage, so you should also use this method on visible tears in your headphones!

Just cover up any exposed areas with some of these rubbery gooey things and let it dry for at least one day before trying again if possible (twiddling your fingertips works). 

This will hopefully get rid of that annoying noise coming from inside-out ear speakers or something like that.

Fixing software issues of your device

The solution to this problem can be as easy or difficult depending on your computer’s specs, but in general, all you need is an up-to-date audio driver and if there are pending windows updates. The result should solve the issue for most users!

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Repairing damaged speakers

If you want to get the most out of your headphones, then it’s worth investing in some high-quality speakers. 

However, if not and need something simple that will work fine with what we already have or don’t mind sacrificing for now because there is a chance they won’t sound as good anyway once all new equipment comes into play later down the line proceed. Without hesitation!

This is a tough decision to make because you will lose the value of your current headphone. But if it’s worth doing, then I recommend getting some quality speakers instead!

Final thoughts

So, you want to know how your headphones are sounding? Well, now that we’ve gone over the reasons for muffled-sounding audio and some ways of fixing them.

You’ll find these fixes aren’t too tricky if applied correctly; however, they can easily be avoided by taking care when using them in order not to have any trouble at all!