How to make over-ear headphones more comfortable | Full Guide 2022

How to make over-ear headphones more comfortable

If you’re like me, you love listening to music or watching TV shows and movies with headphones.

They are small, lightweight, and offer excellent sound quality. It can be tough to get used to over-ear headphones at first. 

However, if you’ve ever worn them for an extended period, you know that they can get uncomfortable quickly. This is especially true if you are using over-ear headphones. 

 We’ll show you how to make over-ear headphones more comfortable using a few simple tips in this post. Whether you’re using old headphones or new ones, these tips will help you get the most out of your listening experience. Enjoy!

How to make over-ear headphones more comfortable? 5 Best tips

Follow these tips:

1: Insert the headphones correctly

One of the most important things to consider when wearing over-ear headphones is that they go on properly. If your headband is upside down, it can cause a headache after just a few minutes.

The best way to check that they are on correctly is to move them in any direction. They should stay in place. If they don’t, your headband is likely upside down.

2: Take breaks

This may seem counterintuitive, especially if you spend hours listening to music with your headphones on. However, over time wearing headphones can take a toll on the delicate skin around the ear.

To minimize this discomfort, take frequent breaks when you wear over-ear headphones. This will ensure that the area around your ears stays in good condition.

3: Wear glasses

One thing that makes over-ear headphones uncomfortable is pressing them up against your head while wearing eyeglasses. The pressure can get annoying quickly, especially if you plan on wearing your headphones for long periods.

The best solution is to wear your glasses on your head or behind your ears. That way, there won’t be any pressure against the side of your head.

4: Keep them clean

Over time, your over-ear headphones will likely get pretty dirty on the inside and the outside. However, you should clean them from time to time if you want them to look good and feel more comfortable.

How often you wash your headphones depends on how often you use them. In general, consider cleaning the ear cups every 3 months or so.

If your over-ear headphones have a cushioned headband, try gently wiping it with a damp cloth. How often you should do this depends on how often you use the headphones.

If you wear them every day, it may be a good idea to clean them at least once per week.

5: Keep them in good condition

Maintenance is essential if you want your over-ear headphones to last for a long time. How much time and effort you put into maintaining them depends on their brand, type, and how often you wear them.

Generally speaking, three things need to be kept in check to ensure they continue working well: the cord, the ear cups, and the headband.

How much time you spend maintaining these things depends on your headphones and how often you wear them:

Most over-ear headphones have a detachable cord. How often you should remove and clean it depends on how often you wear the headphones and what they’re made of. However, we recommend removing them and cleaning them about every 3 months.

How often you clean the ear cups and headband depends on how often you wear your headphones and their material.

It would be best to consider replacing the cushioning in these areas when they show signs of wear. How frequently that happens again depends on how often you use yours over ear headphones.

How often you should replace or remove the cushions in your over-ear headphones again depends on their material and how frequently you wear them. We would advise checking with the manufacturer’s manual for specific information.

How to get over-ear headphones that feel more comfortable?

You can also do some things when buying new over-ear headphones to make sure they will feel more comfortable right out of the box.

How comfortable your over-ear headphones feel again depends on their material, how they are designed, and any added features.

Generally speaking, there are three things to look out for when buying over-ear headphones: padding, weight balance, and flexibility.

Depending on what type of headphones you wish to buy, you will need to spend a certain amount.

How much padding your headphones have again depends on their material and how often you wear them.

Some over-ear headphones brands, such as Beats by Dre, tend to be less comfortable than others because they are made with more plastic.

However, if you can find a pair designed with softer materials or adjustable, they should feel more comfortable.

How much weight they add to your head is another important thing when looking for new over-ear headphones.

It depends on their weight, materials, and any added features. How much you want to spend again depends on your personal preference – some people don’t mind adding a bit of extra weight to their head if it means they get a more robust bass response, for example.

How much flexibility they have again depends on their design and how often you wear them. If they aren’t flexible, try to find a pair you don’t mind adjusting every time you put them on.

However, remember that headphones that bend a lot can break more efficiently if they’re mishandled.

How much you should spend to get your over-ear headphones to feel more flexible depends on their brand, material, and how often you are likely to move them.

How important this also depends on how active you are. Generally speaking, the heavier the headphone, the less it will bend.

For example, if you plan on taking your over-ear headphones to the gym or running with them, you may want to consider getting flexible headphones made with lighter materials.


It’s always advised to find the balance between price and quality. If you buy high-quality products, they will last longer, but if their prices are higher, then you should see the best price-quality ratio that suits your budget.

This guide should give you valuable tips to help you choose the right pair of headphones for different purposes and according to your preferences.

Overall, there are many factors to consider when purchasing new over-ear headphones. You don’t want them too heavy or flexible, too loud or soft.

However, the most crucial factor is how they sound and if their quality meets your standards. We hope that this guide will help you find a pair of headphones that suit your taste and preferences more closely or inspire you to test new models until you find the one that fits perfectly with your lifestyle.


Here are a few frequently asked questions about How to make over-ear headphones more comfortable.

How often should you clean an over-ear headphone?

It depends on their material, how often you wear them and how much time they spend in dusty places.
Generally speaking, we would recommend cleaning your over-ear headphones about every 3 months if they are made with leather or vinyl materials, at least twice a year if made with fabric or every 6 months if they are made with plastic.

How often should you replace ear cushions?

It depends on their material and how frequently you wear them. We would advise checking with the manufacturer’s manual for specific information, however, most ear cushions can be replaced after anywhere between 6 months and 3 years, depending on usage.

How often should you change your ear headphones’ wire?

The headphone’s wire is usually not replaceable, meaning it will need to be replaced every time it breaks.
It depends on how durable it is and how often you use your headphones. If you plan on taking them with you everywhere, then it may be worth changing them more often.

How often should you replace your over-ear headphones if they start to sound fuzzy?

 If your headphones stop working because of a wiring problem, then it may be worth trying to replace the wire first.
However, if you return the wire and the problem isn’t fixed, then we recommend taking them to an expert who can test them for you.

How can you prolong the life of your over-ear headphones?

Every time you use your over-ear headphones, it’s recommended that you clean them to keep them in good condition.
You should also take extra cautions with them if they are made with thin wire or plastic parts because these are more likely to break.
It may also be a good idea to replace the wire from time to time if you wear them frequently.

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