How to clean gym headphones | Complete Guide 2022

Gym headphones are an essential piece of equipment for any gym-goer. They allow you to stay focused on your workout while listening to your favorite music. 

If you’re like most people, you probably use your headphones at the gym to help block out distractions and focus on your workout. 

But if you don’t clean them regularly, they can become covered in bacteria and sweat, leading to infection or other health problems. Nobody likes a dirty pair of headphones.

Are you one of those people who constantly forget to clean their headphones? If so, you’re not alone. 

Cleaning your headphones is a necessary but often overlooked part of taking care of them. Unfortunately, not many people know how to clean their headphones properly.

However, they can be challenging to clean and maintain. 

In this blog post, we will show you the best way to clean your gym headphones. 

So, whether or not you are using our recommendations, make sure that you take care of your headphones so they can last as long as possible!

We will also provide tips on preventing dirt and sweat from damaging your headphones. Keep reading for more information.

How to clean gym headphones? Step by Step

The first thing you should do is give your headphones a good wipe-down. Even if they don’t look dirty, use a dry cloth or soft tissue to wipe the exterior of the earphones. 

Do not use any liquid cleaners, which may lead to damage over time.

If you have a removable headphone cable, ensure you wipe it down too. Also, use a dry cloth to remove any sweat and dirt from the cable’s remote control and volume controls.

If you listen to music when you’re not at the gym, we recommend using a headphone cleaning spray every few days in between complete cleanings

Spritz some onto a tissue and wipe down your headphones and remote. If you don’t have headphone cleaning spray, remember to use a dry cloth instead!

Once you’ve given your headphones a thorough cleanse, it’s time to deep clean them. This will disinfect the earphones and eliminate germs that aren’t visible. 

It is essential if you are using headphones at the gym regularly.

How to deep clean your gym headphones

If you want how to clean your gym headphones deep, simply follow these steps:

Mix one teaspoon of bleach with two cups of water in a bowl or measuring jug. Place your earphones into the mixture for no longer than 20 minutes. 

Remove from solution and leave out to dry completely before putting away, so they are not damp before subsequent use.

Remember that if you are using this method on headphones with a removable cable, make sure the earbuds are fully dry before reattaching them to your smartphone.

Caring for how to clean gym headphones between uses

Between deep cleans, there are a few simple steps you can take to keep your headphones fresh and germ-free at all times. These include:

Keeping how to clean gym headphones properly during storage. Be sure not to leave your headphone cables twisted, as this will cause damage over time. 

Ensure they are not exposed to moisture or heat, which could also cause damage. Storing them in the box, they came in or somewhere similar, is usually sufficient protection. 

You can also invest in cleaning your gym headphones travel case deep if you want more security.

Using how to clean gym headphones wipes regularly. Another option is to clean gym headphones wipes regularly, every few days, or even after every use. 

This will help prevent dirt and bacteria from building up on the earbuds over time. If you don’t have headphone cleaning wipes (you can buy them here), wipe them down with antiseptic tissue paper instead.

Investing in how best to deep clean your gym headphones. We recommend looking for quality over price when it comes to buying any equipment for the gym – including your headphones! 

You will get what you pay for, so it’s better valued, in the long run, to buy how deep clean your gym headphones that will last for a long time, rather than buying several cheap pairs in quick succession.

Do not know how to prevent dirt and sweat from damaging your headphones. Make sure you take extra good care of your earphones if you know they will be subjected to moisture or excessive heat (sunlight). 

Keeping them in a separate bag and ensuring the cable is wrapped up properly if you’re not using them during the day can help keep them safe and reduce the risk of damage.


For how to clean gym headphones, we hope this article has provided you with some valuable tips and advice on how best to keep your earphones in excellent condition and looking and feeling fresh and germ-free. 

Cleaning your headphones is not that difficult – it is something that can be done quickly after each session at the gym or more regularly if desired. Your ears will undoubtedly thank you!

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