Affiliate Disclosure


FTC Disclosure Compliance Rules

New disclosure compliance guidance was released by the FTC in 2015. The rules stated above, it is completely about making readers aware if an author has endorsed, sponsored, or partnered with a different company. You should notify your readers if he is making money by promoting products.

To comply with the FTC guidelines, the following applies to links and posts on this site:

Each product listed on is an affiliate product. I get a small commission when people buy particular items on Amazon through my affiliate link.

What Are Affiliate Links?

The purchases on clickamazo are made on another website that I am affiliated with. This means that if someone purchases a product after clicking on the link on, I receive a small commission. This means that the reader will be able to buy the item directly from the seller (not from Clickamazo). I receive a small commission and use it to conduct additional research to present you with the best deal. By affiliate links or directly, the prices will be the same. A product purchased through an affiliated link will not change in price.

Clickamazo uses two main types of affiliate programs:

01. Amazon Affiliate Links.

Clickamazo is part of the Amazon Associates program. This affiliate program allows sites to earn a commission from Amazon, along with other sites associated with it.

02. Product Affiliate Links.

Our commission differs in these cases when you purchase a product via links on the Clickamazo website, and I get a percentage of the sale.

What About Sponsored Content?

As a blogger, my aim is to provide only authentic content to my audience. In the event that a company would like their content to be published on Smartliter, I will mention it at the beginning of the article. We make research and then recommend products to our family and friends. Thanks to your support, we can do more research.